Quelques mots sur la soirée Ecosse

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Les élèves de section européenne reviennent sur la soirée écossaise qui a eu lieu le 9 décembre 2013 au Lycée Léon Blum (Créteil), dans la langue de Shakespeare :

"The Scottish night was very interesting, it was nice to get to know a bit more about Scotland's culture through traditional music and food. What made it even more special is that we received the visit of actual Scottish high school students. They were the ones that palyed the music with their traditional outfit. Even if the food had kind of a special taste, especially the Christmas pudding, the music made me forget about it." L.B.

"Discovering new things, a new culture, it's always interesting ! The Scottish food was not as bad as I thought, it was even good ! Seeing the teacher with Scottish clothes, it was worth it !" W. N

"The Irn Bru was a delicious beverage ! What a beautiful & natural colour !". J.C.

Quelques mots sur la soirée Ecosse

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